Why hospitals depend on Hytera BD series to power their digital communication

Whether you’re at the reception desk, next to the MRI machine, or speaking one-on-one with a patient, having a way to immediately and reliably reach your healthcare colleagues is essential for any hospital professional. When lives are at stake in a assisted living facility or medical office, healthcare providers depend on fast, reliable wireless communication.

Unfortunately, cell phones and wireless Internet connections just don’t cut it. Healthcare equipment can interfere with signals, and the constant flow of messages can sap battery life. Hytera lightweight, digital radios are the perfect foundation for any healthcare operation, delivering better coverage without interference, better battery life, and improved audio to help save lives.

Information and responsiveness are two cornerstones of hospital operations; both essential to the quality of patient care and safety. Furthermore, communication between healthcare employees impacts workplace relationships and job satisfaction.

Many technology solutions aren’t cut out for the always-on requirements of a healthcare provider. For example, if an ambulance is communicating with a hospital en route and enters a wireless dead zone, that dropped call can impact the patient’s future. Or, if a wireless signal is weak between two floors within a hospital, colleagues can become frustrated.

The Hytera PD5 and PD3 Series are here to help you help patients. Designed with hospitals in mind, Hytera’s products power convenient, secure and reliable communication in a healthcare setting.

  • They’re pocket-sized, making them convenient for on-to-go staff to carry with them at all times.

  • Built-in encryption and accessories (covert and Bluetooth earpieces) enable staff to communicate while maintaining a patient’s privacy.

  • High-capacity batteries ensure the device will remain on for as long as staff are working, even across multiple shifts.

For larger buildings or hospitals with multiple sites, our Hytera base stations will repeat signals and extend coverage. It’s clear that hospital employees and patients can’t afford inadequate communication. To enjoy the benefits of clear, reliable digital communication, they need to transition to products like Hytera’s.

As hospitals continue to grow and new healthcare equipment delivers faster test results, communication across the facility has never been more important. Digital radios, like the Hytera PD5 and PD3 radio series, are an excellent way to transform your hospital campus into a connected workplace. With wide coverage, exceptional battery life, and lightweight design, Hytera’s digital radios are the tool of choice for healthcare operations ready to drastically improve patient care and workplace communication.


Source From Hytera America