PTTconnect – TETRA over LTE

Expand your TETRA system with the help of broadband networks and utilize PTTconnect from Hytera – that is the future of professional mobile radio. This app can be used on Android™ devices and enables you to merge your Hytera TETRA radio system with the application-rich world of mobile broadband networks, such as 3G HSDPA or 4G LTE™.

Highlights of PTTconnect

The app PTTconnect for Hytera offers you the opportunity to expand voice and data communication beyond the physical limits of your TETRA system. PTTconnect expands your radio coverage via a gateway by using broadband networks for your communication. The fusion of your existing ACCESSNET-T IP TETRA radio system with the broadband world offers you new, almost unlimited possibilities to increase your productivity and efficiency.

Unlimited possibilities for your radio coverage

By using public UMTS and LTE™ networks or even WLAN, you are able to communicate with your colleagues way beyond the range of your TETRA radio network. 

All you need is a broadband data connection between your smartphone with the app installed and the Hytera connect server, which connects the TETRA radio system to public networks.

User-friendly and easy to operate

The Hytera connect server is administered via a browser-based web interface. The app is easy to use and has a particularly user-friendly design. PTTconnect can be used on Android devices and ensures seamless integration into your mission-critical work environment.

Secure communication

Both PTTconnect and the gateway to the TETRA radio system are interception-proof. Secure communication between subscribers in both mobile radio worlds is therefore ensured.

Immediate, direct communication

When you communicate with TETRA radio subscribers, PTTconnect establishes a direct connection to the services of the TETRA system. Features with which you are familiar from your TETRA radio system are supported by the app and therefore available on you smartphone, for example:

  • Individual calls

  • Group calls

  • Priorities

  • Emergency calls

Functions of PTTconnect

Voice services

Group calls

  • Group call

  • Group call with defined priority (incl. pre-emptive priority)

  • Group call with emergency call priority

  • Dynamic Group Number Assignment (DGNA)*

  • Subscriber identification (talking party indication in the group call)

  • Late Entry

Individual call

  • Individual call, half-duplex

  • Individual call, duplex

  • Calling Line Identification Presentation (CLIP)

Data /message services

  • Short messages (SDS)

  • Concatenated SDS (Long SDS) and Flash SDS*

  • Status message

  • New messages signaled during calls

Security and management services

  • Authentication

  • Encryption*

  • Enable/disable

  • Server-based configuration

Functions of the user interface

  • Emergency call button

  • Call protocol: missed / answered calls, dialed numbers

  • Flexible dialing methods (for example direct dialing, redialing, call lists, etc.)

  • Installation of language packs*

  • GPS positioning according to ETSI LIP protocol*

  1. Fully programmable position updating

  2. Transmission of the current position during an emergency call

  • Customizable tones

  1. Phone book

  2. Group lists

  3. Scan lists

Source From Hytera Mobilfunk