Hytera Supports Jiuzhaigou Earthquake Relief

On August 8, a devastating magnitude-7.0 earthquake struck Jiuzhaigou National Park in Sichuan province, China. In the post-disaster rescue operation, a Hytera team was among the first reaching the disaster area and joining the operation to provide emergency radio communications for the professional rescue taskforces and guarantee 24-hour support on site.

The emergency radio communication solution brought by the Hytera team comprises E-pack 100, integrated Base Station (iBS) and a number of portable radios including the PD98X and PD78X, which has greatly improved the efficiency of the rescue operation and also effectively protected the rescue teams.

Natural disasters such as earthquakes are unexpected. Once the disaster occurs, smooth communications will be the critical factor of a successful post-disaster rescue operation. Hytera is ready to join and facilitate the rescue operation by empowering disaster relief professionals with its advanced Professional Mobile Radio communications technologies.