Hytera Supports C SANDF Charity Golf Day 2017

Hytera, a leading global provider of innovative Professional Mobile Radio (PMR) solutions, had a great time supporting The Chief of the South Africa National Defence Force (C SANDF) Charity Golf Day on November 3rd. The event is aimed to evoke the attention to vulnerable groups and support the children of deceased soldiers regarding their education.

The event took place on 2 golf courses with 224 players involved and was followed by a fund-raising gala dinner. As one of the major sponsors of this event, Hytera provided portable radios to event committee ensuring smooth communications during the event and gave complimentary gifts to guests at the gala dinner.

“Education is the children’s constitutional right. I want to thank Hytera from the bottom of my heart, for their sponsorship and care for children in need,” General Shoke highly praised Hytera’s role in the event. In addition, the chief of CMIS (Command and Management Information System) from Department of Defence, Maj. General Sipika was also full of praise for Hytera who has expressed its desire to establish the relationship with CMIS based on a mutual benefit and trust.

Mark Zheng (left) and Sunny Sun (right), Senior Sales Manager of Hytera South Africa, present at the event.

“It is our great honor to participate in this amazing event organized by the SANDF Education Trust,” said Mark Zheng, Director of Hytera South Africa, “When we learned about the Trust and its honorable aim, we decided to do something and make our contributions. The event shares the same value as Hytera advocates that we want to make our homeland a better and safer place with critical communications." Hytera has been active and passionate in contributions to disaster relief efforts and charity events since its first footprint in South Africa in 2003.

After a successful day of golfing, all members, participants and sponsors were invited to a gala dinner. Over 1.4 million rand were raised for the education trust through auction and pledges, which made it a great ending for a really meaningful charity.

About the SANDF Education Trust 

The SANDF Education Trust was established in 2013 in the aftermath of the tragic events that led to the killing or severe injuries of soldiers in the Battle of Bangui in the Central African Republic (CAR), with the aim of supporting the children and the spouses who were left behind to fend for themselves.