Hytera provides affordable and reliable communications solutions for event management.


For event coordinators, communications must be efficient in order to quickly handle any situations that arise during an event. Whether coordinating large or small events, all the staff need ruggedized radios that are capable of lasting a full day’s shift while providing clear and covert communications in order to respond to urgent situations.At larger events, a particular venue's operations, security and administrative staff require thorough in-building coverage to be able to communicate across their locations.

Featured Solution

Stadium, Arena and Event Staff are always looking to improve their efficiency and ability to respond to pressing situations as seamlessly and conveniently as possible.By providing clear digital voice communications,data messages and integration into popular work order management software suites,the PD6 Series allows large venues to manage their entire staff efficiently. 

The Hytera PD5 and PD3 Series offer an affordable digital solution in a slim and pocket-sized design that makes carrying and operating a radio easy and unobtrusive to event staff during daily usage.Hytera’s large displays, text messaging, and wide variety of accessories including covert and Bluetooth earpieces allow for staff to easily communicate effectively in noisy environments without affecting the guests. The long-lasting high capacity batteries ensure usage for multiple shifts when needed. Hytera also has base station repeaters for larger areas with multiple sites to extend coverage.Whether a large or a small venue, Hytera has the customizable radio solution for hospitality organizations looking to migrate to clear digital communication.


  • Improved efficiency and response time with clear digital voice as well as covert communication and work order management which enhanced guest satisfaction

  • Slim and pocket-sized portable radios make carrying and operating a two-way radio easy and unobtrusive for event staff

  • High capacity batteries allow for radio usage during multiple shifts if needed

Source From Hytera America