Hytera Oil & Gas End-users Conference Held in Taiwan

Ulysses Gao, Senior Sales Engineer of Hytera Taiwan, was introducing Hytera Oil & Gas Solution at the conference.

Hytera, a leading global provider of innovative Professional Mobile Radio (PMR) communications solutions, has held its Oil & Gas end-users conference at H2O Hotel, one of the new international business hotel landmark in Kaohsiung, a special municipality located in southern Taiwan, on 9th August. Around 40 delegates from this region were present at this event.


Edward Lam, Sales Manager of Hytera, was introducing PD798Ex to the customers.

As the most concentrated region of petroleum and petrochemical industries in Taiwan, Hytera proposed its latest Intrinsically Safe Solution to the customers from southern Taiwan, which consist of Hytera’s explosion-proof product portfolios, Hytera SmartDispatch solution and PD7 Ul913 patrol solution. Also, Hytera presented its latest LTE-PMR Convergence Solution and Emergency Communication Command System enabling users to improve connectivity and data analytics in the complex environments they work in, from daily command and control to emergency response, disaster relief, etc.

Hytera latest LTE-PMR Convergence Solution has been showcased and demonstrated at the conference.

"Last year, we acquired Sepura Group and Norsat International Inc, strengthening our TETRA business and entering satellite communications market. I am very proud to say that we can offer a full portfolio of PMR and Integrated Command & Control solutions to increase customers' situational awareness, collaboration and response rate," said Edward Lam, Sales Manager of Hytera, at his opening speech. "And we have one more manufacturing center in Spain to fulfill diversification demand," he added.

Edward Lam, Sales Manager of Hytera, was presenting the company update in his presentation.

During the conference, Zhen Liu, CEO of Hytera Japan’s distributor GTJ who traveled from Tokyo to Kaohsiung as Hytera’s special invited guest, introduced his successful experience in Japan Oil & Gas industry. “We have spent three years to passed Japanese standard certification for Intrinsically Safe radio, until now, there are still only two model were certified with this domestic standard, and Hytera PD798Ex is the first one to get the certification in Japan. And we were able to increase our market share from 0 percent to 70 percent in DMR explosion-proof product market year and a half after we got the certification,” said Zhen Liu.

Zhen Liu, CEO of GTJ, was telling his successful story in Japan to the audience.

The Broadband IP Mesh Solution (iMesh) was another highlight in the conference. The iMesh Solution including a vehicle node (iMesh 3800V) and back pack node (iMesh 3800P), which can be fixed by mounting on infrastructure, or deployed in a mobile manner to provide customers the ability to rapidly setup a flexible wireless broadband network, enabling voice, video and data transmission services. With the latest 4G technologies, it offers high spectral efficiency, low latency, plug and play functionality. Stable and flexible to deploy, the solution offers an intelligent data route as well as end-to-end Quality of Service (QoS) in a secure environment. The Hytera iMesh solution is an innovative network and a vital tool for emergency communication in public safety, military, utilities and other related industries requiring a rapid response.

Carol Zhao, Sales Engineer of Hytera, was introducing LTE-PMR Convergence Solution.

Hytera’s engineers were demonstrating the MPTT application at the conference.