Hytera Holds Its LTE End-user Conference in Seoul, South Korea

Hytera, a leading global provider of innovative professional mobile radio (PMR) communications solutions, held its LTE end-users conference in Seoul, South Korea on December 6th. The conference was designed to introduce and demonstrate the latest Hytera P-LTE convergence solution to over 80 attendees from different industries across the country.

Since its three major mobile operators have simultaneously announced to launch commercial 5G services in March next year, South Korea became the first country to have next-generation networks in the world. As the nation is quick to develop and deploy broadband technology, their adoption of LTE solutions in the critical communications industry are also moving forward with pace.

To cope with the local market demands, the theme of last Thursday's conference is "Innovative Convergence Solution in Public Safety", which has demonstrated Hytera P-LTE convergent solution, including PS-LTE (Public Safety-LTE) & LTE-R (LTE-Railway) solutions, providing mission-critical video & data service on top of narrowband PMR networks in Public Safety and Public Transportation sector.

Ning Ma, Sales Director of Hytera Korea, was presenting the company update at the beginning of the conference.

“South Korea is one of the world’s leading markets in the rollout of broadband networks, not just in commercial side, its evolution in critical communications has taken the leading position as well. There is growing demand for data-rich services, such as video surveillance, remote data collection, multi-media communications, which is why users from security, operator, transportation, emergency rescue and other sectors are sitting here together, looking for a suitable solution to improve its work and industry business efficiency, “said Ning Ma, Sales Director of Hytera Korea.

Denny Kim, Sales Manager of Hytera Korea, was introducing Hytera P-LTE solution at the event.

During the conference, the PS-LTE solution being demonstrated by Hytera is compliant with the 3GPP technology, consisting of Multi-mode Advanced Radio, Body Camera, iMesh, eTC, RRU and other Hytera broadband devices, providing innovative data & video services for mission critical operations. It provides vast coverage for both urban and rural scenarios, meeting public safety requirements for various scenarios, such as Mega Events, City Incident, City Patrol, Mobile Office, etc.

Canyoung Soh, Sales Manager of Hytera Korea, was presenting Hytera Multi-mode advanced radio and RVM series to the customers.

Together with Hytera's local partner Straffic, a Korean leading company specialized in transportation, it was the first time that Hytera has showcased the LTE-R solution, a next generation broadband wireless communications system dedicated to railways, which consist of Control Console, Servers, LTE network, train on-board communications system, and multi-mode advanced radio, supporting voice, data and video communication among train, operation control center, wayside, etc. The train on-board communication system solution, developed by Straffic, is a unique solution integrates TRCP (Train Radio Control Panel), TICS (Train Interface Control System), TLCS (Train LTE Control System), and TVCS (Train Video Control System) with other railway equipment. And the LTE network is composed of Hytera EPC (Evolved Packet Core), eNode B, and LTE-R application server from Straffic.

The staff was demonstrating the data transmission function between multi-mode advanced radio and train on-board communication system.

Through an in-home live demonstration, Hytera and Straffic engineering team emulated a user scenario that managing and controlling a status of train on-board system and multi-mode advanced radios from command console which allowing attendee to experience PTT call, group call, conference call, video call, SMS, CCTV videos transmission, VoIP services, interconnection between LTE and DMR radios, and other various function.

Taeyoung Ko, Senior Manager of Straffic conducted the in-home demonstration of LTE-R solution.

The multi-mode radio has been installed in specific railway application as a mobile portable device for maintenance staffs, drivers and onboard staffs to use.

"Since our company has separated and became independent from the Samsung Group in 2013, we have been playing a leading role as the best road and railway transportation solution provide in Korea. We have domesticated and supplied in many projects, such as Korea’s first highway Toll Collection System, KTX(Korea Train Express) Signaling System Supply Project, and based on these outstanding technological advancement, we have recently succeeded in opening the SRT(Super Rapid Train). We believe that together with Hytera, we can grow to become a prominent company that can stand side by side with other leading companies around the world through sustainable innovation and creative challenges," said Chanjong Moon, CEO of Straffic.

Moon Chanjong, CEO of Straffic, was in his welcome speech.

Ning also emphasized her prospects of the company’s future development at the gala dinner. "Every effort we did is a single-minded step towards our company vision, we believe together we can make the cities safer and we will realize this vision through continuous innovation, dedication to customer values, and sustainable contributions to the communities where we operate."