Hytera Helps American Nonprofit Better Serve the Community

The Hockanum Valley Community Council (HVCC) has been serving its community in Vernon, Connecticut for years.

“We are a small nonprofit organization that runs a dial-a-ride service,”says Michele Lundberg, Director of Transportation at Hockanum Valley Community Council.“We service the elderly and disabled, driving them to stores and back. We also run a courier service 24/7. We run lab specimens back and forth to local doctors and hospitals.”

Reliable and clear communication between drivers and dispatch is essential for the HVCC to provide these extremely beneficial services. The outdated radio system HVCC was using had constant static, making communications difficult to receive, and leading to inefficiencies and overall frustration.The HVCC turned to Hytera for help.As the industry leader in advanced digital mobile radio (DMR) technology, Hytera developed a radio solution customized specifically for the needs of the HVCC.

“And now we realize the huge difference,”says Lundberg.“We've had static on every single call. Using Hytera, it’s crystal clear like you’re talking over a telephone.”

Hytera outfitted HVCC's 11 buses with the DMRTier III system featuring SmartDispatch and GPS location. The complete package included 24 X1p Executive Digital Portable Radios, 8 of the MD782G DMRs, and a base station.

The X1p is a rugged and reliable DMR solution that can go anywhere while delivering superior quality communications. Designed and tested to the stringent IP67 and MIL- STD 810 standards, the X1p portable DMR is proven to stand up to the job. Its slim construction makes for an easy fit into a pocket or belt clip. Utilizing Hytera’s patented pseudo-trunking technology, channel usage is maximized, which all but eliminates channel crowding. Featuring a large color display, the X1p user interface is intuitive and easy to operate. A GPS chip comes standard, which facilitates seamless integration with Hytera SmartDispatch or any order dispatching software. In addition, its dedicated emergency button allows for the fastest possible response when time matters most.

For optimal vehicle-based radio communication, the MD78XG stands out as a premium DMR solution that delivers clear digital sound quality with unmatched reliability, even on the edges of radio coverage. Featuring an intuitive user interface and designed for easy operation, the MD782G DMR facilitates effortless and effective communication. The high-tech DMR solution is also compliant with the MIL-STD 810 C/D/E/F/G standards, which ensures reliability even in the harshest environments.

“With Hytera, it’s crystal clear. Everybody hears the call. It made a huge, huge difference,”says Lundberg, reflecting on the past year since implementing Hytera radios.

Hytera understands the need for clear and reliable communication. With decades of experience designing and implementing high-tech radio solutions across the globe, Hytera has the expertise to get the job done right. No matter the size of the operation, Hytera’s dedicated team of experts works tirelessly to customize an individually tailored radio communication solution that goes above and beyond the need.


Hockanum Valley Community Council, a non-profit in Connecticut, was able to fix it’s miscommunication issues with Hytera’s Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) and now can better serve the community.

Hytera developed a radio solution customized specifically for the needs of the HVCC, clearing the airwaves of static, allowing for faster service to the elderly and disabled.

Source From Hytera America