360°Conference Stop 3: Hytera Continues 360°Dealer Conference Tour in Malaysia

Hytera, a world leading solution provider of Profession Mobile Radio (PMR) communications, has continued its 360°dealer conference tour after Indonesia and Mexico stops at Hilton Kuala Lumpur on March 16th with attendance of nationwide Malaysian channel partners to energize its channel business of digital two-way radio in further expanding its domain in Malaysia market.

The Hytera 360°campaign was firstly launched as a channel program to empower its channel business partners with full-scale product and solutions as well as service and support during the International Wireless Communications Expo 2016 in Las Vegas. This year, the campaign remains in force and is being carried out in the form of worldwide dealer conference tour.

Allen Leong, General Manager of Kinetra, address ending speech

As part of the 360°campaign for Malaysia market, Hytera has called for this countrywide dealer conference in dedicated collaboration with its local distributor Kinetra Network Sdn Bhd (Kinetra) to bring up a series of empowerment programs for the channel partners to enhance their competitiveness in the channel business.

During the conference, Hytera presented its product roadmap of PD408 with a customized frequency range 410-480 Mhz and PD508 with explosion-proof version for Malaysia market. "With the add-on of customized PD408 and PD508 UL913, our dealers will have a rich portfolio of digital commercial radio consolidating the existing PD378, PD418, PD508 and PD568 on 410-480Mhz frequency range as a highly-competitive product matrix in helping them secure more middle-and-small scale projects," Hyman Lu, the Product Marketing Director of Hytera DMR Conventional Product Line said, "especially the PD508, with the explosion-proof version and remarkable enhancement of adapting to XPT digital trunking solution, it could be a highly potential best selling model in the Malaysian channel market," Hyman added.

Hyman Lu, Product Marketing Director of Hytera DMR Conventional Product Line, presenting New Products

"Alongside with the product program, we also work out a series of incentive and promotion program with Kinetra to support our dealers in multi-level and full-directional ways of action," Long Fei said, the Senior Channel Manager of Hytera Channel & Management Centre, "I believe this is what 360°campaign wants to offer our channel partners," he went on his comment.

Long Fei, Senior Channel Manager of Hytera Channel & Management Centre, introducing Channel Support Programs

Since opening up the Malaysia office in May last year, Hytera has accelerated in reshaping and driving forward its channel business in Malaysia market, which includes the Kinetra announcement as the distributor of DMR conventional portfolio and the organization of this countrywide dealer conference. "No matter the landscape of the global PMR industry or the competition of local channel business, change is underway. We are looking forward to opening a new era for the Malaysian channel with our partners." Young He, Hytera Sales Director for Malaysia and Singapore, spoke during his opening speech.

Young He, Hytera Sales Director for Malaysia & Singapore, presenting company updates

"We are more than happy to see the deep involvement of Hytera into Malaysian channel and the takeover of channel leadership by Hytera," a dealer said after the conference, "we are ready to go with it," he continued.

According to the schedule, the next 360°dealer conference will be held in South Africa at the end of March.