Hytera BD Series–New Edge Over Your Competition

Hytera, a world leading solution provider of Professional Mobile Radio (PMR) communications, has officially released a brand new Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) series, the BD series, a cost-effective entry-level series of handheld radios, together with an array of feature enhancement to the existing PD3/4/5 series, further expanding its already versatile DMR portfolio to facilitate the ongoing worldwide analog-to-digital migration of numerous PMR users and maintain the momentum of it.

The initial release of BD series includes 4 models, BD30X, BD35X, BD50X and BD55X, which adopt two-slot TDMA technology, and provide output power from 2 to 5 watt and capacity up to 256 channels, with compact and lightweight design. Working in either analog or digital mode, this entry-level DMR series is a perfect choice for users who simply need voice communications or need to replace their aging analog radios due to local mandates, as well as for users who want to get their hands on better communications tools with limited budget and spectrum resources.

"It is not just about the launch of a new product series, but how to popularize the digital technology and encourage the customers to experience the convenience and efficiency brought by digital," said G. S. Kok, Senior Vice President and terminal chief of Hytera, "The way is to provide better products that can meet customers' need and consistently enhance current products to improve users' experience."

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