How Hytera provides large area coverage for search and rescue operations

Search & Rescue

Reliable communication solutions to provide large area coverage for search and rescue operations.


When someone is missing or in danger, every second is valuable and a search and rescue team needs to optimize their communications in order to respond efficiently. Whether on land, air, sea, or snow, it is necessary for their radios to be rugged and weather resistant as well as being capable of lasting a full day’s shift. A light-weight radio with easy to use features is required in order to urgently respond to situations out in the field.  Another necessity is wide-area coverage to communicate across multiple geographical sites.   

Featured Solution:

Whatever the terrain or weather, Hytera's DMR radios are all built to military standards and obtain high IP-rating for water and dust protection. This makes them ideal for use in the harsh and extreme environments that rescue teams encounter. Emergency services are always looking to improve efficiency and their ability to respond to pressing situations as seamlessly as possible. By providing clear digital voice communications, data messages and integration into popular fleet management software suites, the DMR Series radios allow emergency managers to manage and dispatch their entire staff efficiently. In the MD78X, Hytera offers ambulances a digital mobile radio with GPS. Hytera’s PD7 and PD6 Series portables offer a wide variety of accessories including heavy duty speaker microphones, as well as covert and Bluetooth earpieces allow for their team to easily communicate effectively in noisy environments. The long-lasting high capacity batteries ensure usage for multiple shifts when needed.   Hytera also has base stations to repeat the signal and extend coverage for larger areas and multiple sites, providing a customizable radio solution for ambulance companies looking to migrate to clear digital communications.


  • Improved efficiency and response time with clear digital communications, messaging, and fleet management software

  • Slim yet durable portable radios make carrying and operating a two-way easy and unobtrusive while capable of being washed when dirtied in the field

  • Repeaters can be used to extend range and connect multiple sites

Source From Hytera America