Firefighter Rescued A Crashed Pilot In Villa De Juárez Mexico

When Marco Antonio Ayala was a child, he yearned to fly. He achieved his dream at age 18 and became a pilot just like his uncle and father. Since then he has been piloting his plane where he enjoys absolute freedom.

Today he walks on crutches after suffering an air crash. On August 12, 2016, when the young pilot was flying at 2,500 feet, the engine of the aircraft was shut down by a mechanical failure. He cut off the electrical and fuel system and planned a forced landing.

"Thanks to God gave me the strength to correctly react to the stress of the complicated emergency at the moment," Ayala said. In fractions of seconds Marco made a difficult decision, landing on the roofs of residential houses. "I asked him not to take me and here I am," said the surviving pilot .

In the Fire station of the municipality of Juárez, the emergency call fell. When rescuers and firefighters arrived they found the plane destroyed. Jesús Martínez, the director of the fire department , said that rescue itself put firefighters' life at stake.

"There was fuel leak. The priority was to extract it from the remains to put it safe, as well as evacuate all the house inhabitants of the area," explained Jesús Martínez. They neutralized the fuel by using a fire suppressor and started rescue.

"I was pinned until Civil Protection came and firefighters did an incredible job," said the pilot, who fortunately was rescued and sent to a hospital. The piilot had detachment of both feet, three vertebrae and three fractured ribs, hip and shoulder dislocation. Marco never lost consciousness and clung to life.

On Tuesday, August 22, 2017, the firefighter's day was celebrated and the pilot went to thank those heroes who risked their lives to save his.

Source from Mexico local TV Channel INFO 7