Film Trailer: In Search of Reverence

This is the trailer for Pace Brothers newest short film In Search of Reverence,

Exploring the idea that many people live without ever truly being free to search for what makes them who they are. 

Strip life back to it's bare bones, grasping your own existence with your hands, 

And maybe you will be lucky enough to understand your place in this world.

You could find Hytera portable radio,the little tough partner accompanying our leading actors all along the road in search of reverence. 


About Pace Bothers

Pace brothers is dedicated to present the Byron and Darryl wildlife adventures through their films, podcast and written content providing the audience a understanding of the natural world and the place in it as hunters.

Into The Wilderness is one of the adventure series,presented and filmed by brothers Darryl & Byron Pace,The series will feature hunting,fishing,bushcraft,diving,vehicle and kit reviews and many other outdoor pursuits.


Source from Pace Brothers