Communication Systems for Government and Mass Transit by Hytera

Large-scale government projects require a variety of resources like time, money, collaboration of all parties involved, and of course – communication. When you take a look at an example like New York City’s biggest expansion of their subway system in 50 years, adding the 2nd Avenue Line, it presents itself as a quite the formidable challenge to undertake in all matters. The Second Avenue Line, nicknamed “The Line That Time Forgot” since several plans for the subway line have been initiated and then abandoned, beginning in 1919. From legislative and logistics delays to communication problems, projects of this scale are prey to all sorts of mishaps and delays. Fortunately, once large government construction projects and citywide renovation efforts finally get approved and initiated, like the Second Avenue Line, it can be handled efficiently with the use of Hytera’s innovative lines of communications products.

Product Features Enhance Communications in the Digital Age

The handheld PD98X DMR (Digital Mobile Radio), the latest launch in Hytera’s exceptional DMR portfolio, is suited to projects as expansive as the Second Avenue Line. Noise cancellation technology allows the PD98X to provide top-notch audio quality, along with enhanced features like full duplex calls, recording capability via Micro SD, Bluetooth 4.0 for audio or data, and single-frequency repeater mode for increased coverage.

The RD98X is an open-standard DMR repeater that is able to connect to multiple sites via internet. It can be integrated with Hytera Smart Dispatch or other third party dispatching software. The RD98X S model is capable of being upgraded to trunking as capacity requirements increase, while the analog version of RD98X allows for an easier transition to digital technology.

Hytera’s complete DMR portfolio, now featuring the PD98X, can compete with the best on the market for meeting diverse requirements, from simple, cost-effective handsets (PD3 and PD4 series), to feature-rich technology that can survive the toughest conditions (PD5 and PD6 series), to high-end system radios (PD7, PD9, and X1). Hytera’s entire portfolio offers specifications to suit custom needs – display or non-display, GPS or non-GPS, UHF, and VHF – allowing users a choice of product features to best serve operations and mission critical tasks.

Agencies and departments directing projects like the Second Avenue Line require seamless communications coverage, no matter the environment. Steel buildings, tunnels, and underground structures require the same level of communication efficiency as open air. Hytera is proactive in foreseeing potentially unreliable “blind zones” and breakdowns in communications. With each product, we make sure these challenges are addressed so our line of solutions can continue to provide flawless service.

Source from Hytera America